Developing A Four-Year High School Plan

In Kern High School District, you and your counselor will create your own four-year plan of the classes you intend to take during your high school years. This plan is a road map to help you reach your goals after high school. Every class you take is important in qualifying you for high school graduation, college admission or your future career. The four-year plan will be reviewed and revised throughout your high school years as your goals become clearer.

Beginning in 9th grade every student is encouraged to take courses that are most appropriate for her/his ability and goals. Both employers and college admission officers emphasize that the quality of the course load and the grades are the most important parts of each applicant’s profile.

Once you’ve created your plan, use the High School Class Tracking Sheet to track your progress toward graduation and college admission

Four-Year Plan for Graduation

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
English English English English
World History Fine Art/Foreign Language U.S. History Government/Economics
Math Math Math Elective
Health/Elective Life Science/Biology Physical Science/Chemistry Elective
Reading/Elective Elective Elective Elective

Four-Year Plan for University Entrance

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
English CP/GATE English CP/GATE English CP/AP English CP/AP**
Algebra/Geometry Geometry/Algebra II Algebra II/Math Analysis Math Analysis/Statistics AP/Calculus AP
Fine Art World Civilization U.S. History CP/AP Govt/Econ CP/AP
Health/Elective Biology Chemistry (honors) Physics or Advanced Course
Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language AP

Information courtesy Kern High School District

** AP classes vary from one site to another depending upon interest and availability.